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A range of testimonials from clients that have had horses started, riding lessons and horse training.

So Glad We Stumbled Across You...


We stumbled across Jenna at Equine Intelligence 5 years ago when we were looking for someone special to work with our 3 year old, freshly broken in purebred Arabian who had just been gelded! He was a very special little horse that needed someone who would be kind and patient. Jenna had those skills and many more, providing the important foundational training which my daughter has continued to extend on and he has now become a successful dressage pony and showjumper.  We were so happy with Jenna's work that we sent our off the track, thoroughbred mare to her for training in hope that she would develop the skills to start her eventing career. She was a very hot mare and quite a handful, but with Jenna's training, we saw her jumping over a meter in no time and looking like a dressage prospect! Now with any new horse that we purchase, it has just become an expectation that they will go to Jenna to get the foundational training they need to be successful in their chosen discipline. Most recently our 2 year old quarter horse filly spent time with Jenna after being broken in. Jenna has not only provided her with the basics but she has also introduced her to some western training. I am constantly amazed by Jenna's ability to swap between disciplines! We are so glad that we stumbled across you on the internet all of those years ago!!! - Tara, Beaudesert

Kimarnii Dream, Breeder of ISH


Our Trainer of Choice For All Our Stud Horses...Well what can we say about Equine Intelligence……………. Absolutely fabulous.We first met Jenna from Equine Intelligence late 2011 during our enquiries for a trainer for some of our horses.Jenna first had one of our young TB mares for approx 3 weeks. We were kept up to date on her progress and invited to come and ride her whilst she was still there.Equine Intelligence’s approach to each horse is on an individual basis, ie: doing what works for each horse, as they are individuals. We admired and loved the natural approach to training and strongly believe in it.Our mare, Gemma, was bought home and unfortunately sustained a injury that had her out of action for approx 8 months. Gemma was recently brought back into work, we give a lot of credit to the work Jenna had done while training her to saddle as she did not put a foot wrong when we put her under saddle recently.We have also had a gelding trained to saddle in the last couple of months, Storm is a sensitive boy but under Jenna’s expert hands he is a wonderful horse to ride.Jenna will be our trainer of choice for all our stud horses, her approachable nature is second to none, her professionalism and efficiency are equally fantastic. Our horses have come home well adjusted, calm and willing.So THANK YOU Jenna for accepting our pride and joy’s and delivering wonderful ridden horses.Vanessa, Breeder Irish Sport Horses, Owner Kimarnii Dream.

Tayla, Student, Age 12


You Have Taught Me So Much....The only reason I came home with placings is because I have you, you have taught me so much, so thankyou, I cant thankyou enough.

Wattlelane Stables


The Most Talented...Incredible Horse Trainer....Our Gypsy Cob Wattlelane Stables stud searched 2 long years for a trusted and talented horse trainer that would fulfil our highest expectation and adhere to natural horse training techniques. We are so pleased to have found the most talented and incredible horse trainer with Jenna Rathgeber from Equine Intelligence.Being a huge fan of the likes of Mark Rashid and John Chatterton’s Ten Commandments I wanted the most natural and caring approach for our horses training. I did not want my horses ‘broken’ nor tied or bagged or bound in any way. I wanted to be there from the minute the training began to very end. I wanted to know how to go on with their training and glean tips from a world class trainer that would benefit our own knowledge.Our horses varied greatly in nature, type, performance and willingness to learn. Jenna trained a 14 year old 18hh mare to be under saddle within 2 weeks and just beautiful to ride. She was presented with our 2 year old stallion and turned out a soft mouthed willing boy with a lovely trot. She worked with our very cheeky 12 hh Welsh Pony who took a few days to believe she meant it, but wow what a turnaround we saw. My 7 year old tears around on him now. Then there were 2 frisky mares with a problem with authority, totally stubborn and bent on over powering her. We saw Jenna sit for very long periods of time waiting for the moment each horse made their own decision to turn and face her. We witnessed the moment they exhaled and started to follow her willingly with lowered heads. They now follow her every step wherever she walks. We have a 6 year old Clydesdale mare that came to us terribly neglected without prior handling and a bad kicking problem. We did not hold much hope for this one, and within days this big girl yielded and become affectionate, keen to learn, following us around the paddock and stopped kicking. The Farrier of course was delighted when the kicking stopped! My eldest daughter fell deeply in love with her and realised what a beautiful girl she really is.Jenna has an incredible ability to work with each horse and meet their individual needs and behaviours. She does not judge them, and they very quickly learn to trust her. She was keen to engage us and our children in the training to show us all techniques and methods to overcome each problem each horse posed. Our children have better understood handling and safety and increased in their own confidence with each horse – big or small.I know anyone looking for a caring, loving approach by someone who is naturally talented, highly trained and very experienced would be equally impressed as we are. Jenna is a skilled Dressage rider and this carries over into her training to develop style in each horse. Although not all our horses are destined for the show ring, she certainly points them all in the right direction. We have no doubt she could take several of our more talented horses to show championship levels.As a bonus she is very reasonably priced. I sincerely believe it won’t be long before she will be in such demand that you will wish you got her in while you could!Many ThanksWattlelane Stables- Gympie

Exceptionally, Honest, Experienced


Exceptionally, Honest, Experienced...I have used Jenna for over two years on a number of my horses, for training and breaking. Her gentle yet firm approach to the horses is amazing to watch and the horses seem to come on in leaps and bounds with her training techniques.She has trained my horses, from a nervous young paint that couldn't be caught to a 17hh Clydesdale/WB to breaking in my 13hh Pony, all of which turned out to be well rounded, easily handled horses.I would not hesitate to recommend anyone to Jenna, either for horse breaking, training or lessons as she is an exceptionally honest experienced horse woman and a pleasure to work with.RegardsAmy McCartney- Cooroibah

Excellent Skills & Knowledge...


Excellent Skills & Knowledge...After not having ridden for over ten years, it was very important for me to find an instructor who was not only extremely knowledge in all areas of horsemanship, but was also understanding of my needs and concerns. I have found Jenna to not only meet but far exceed these requirements. Since we have been working together, Jenna has enabled me to not only regain my confidence, but also my love of riding.Jenna demonstrates excellent skills & knowledge in all areas of horse management & is able to pass this knowledge & skill onto her students in a clear & interesting manner.I would not hesitate to recommend Jenna to anyone who is either looking to begin their journey in horsemanship, or for someone who is looking to develop existing skills & knowledge.ThanksEmma- Traveston

Soft and Very Responsive


Soft and Very Responsive...Pride is an 8 year old thoroughbred mare, she has a wonderfully kind nature and is both an intelligent and forward horse. Having said this, Pride came off the track and while good natured, did not know very much. Pride struggled to stand still, pouring and twitchy. Her canter was more like a gallop and couldn't back up. Jenna has taught Pride how to collect, laterals and how to give to pressure. She now has a wonderfull slow trot, a beautiful slow canter, backups and stands still!Jenna has taught her manners on the ground and under saddle and she is soft and very responsive. Pride is beginning to fulfill her potential and thats what all of us want for our horses. I am very thankfull to Jenna and couldnt be happier with Prides progress under her expert tutellage.Tina Gittins- Bli Bli

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