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Equine Intelligence


Always let the horse make

the mistake.


Reward the horse for a try even a small one.

Equine Intelligence is run by Jenna Rathgeber.

Jenna offers starting/breaking, training, re-education, and riding lessons.

Equine Intelligence prides its self on providing the best possible service for you and your horse.

Accredited Equestrian Australia Coach and Pony Club QLD Coach.


Jenna’s aim is to help produce a horse that is soft and responsive, who will respect you and your aids. A horse that will yield to pressure and go move forward.

If a horse is started and trained properly in the beginning, problems are less likely to develop later on.

A combination of natural and traditional training methods are used. Your horse will be looked after as if it were one of Jenna’s own.


Starting riding at a very young age, Jenna has lived and breathed horses all her life. Learning to ride from her mother, Vivienne Rathgeber, a successful Royal Show competitor and Arabian Breeder.

Jenna started out at Pony Club, moved on to dressage and eventing, and continued on to find a real passion competing successfully in the show ring in Victoria.

In between competing, Jenna helped train and start young horses at the small family stud, Asmara Park. University took over Jenna’s life for a few years while she completed her Bachelor in Communication Design. However, as soon as study was over Jenna was back in the saddle.


Moving to the Sunshine Coast in 2009 Jenna landed a life changing job with the late Brian McMahon (known by many as the Coolum Beach Horse Whisperer.)

For 18 months, Jenna was privileged to work full time, side-by-side with Brian, learning more then she could dream of. Jenna knew how to ride well, but after working with Brian Jenna became very knowledgeable and great horsewoman. Brian passed on valuable skills and knowledge, which has allowed Jenna to pursue a career in horse training and lessons.

Brian passed on a lot to Jenna, but there were a few comments that really stood out and defined her training methods.


“You have to be quick. Reward the horse for a try, even a small one. But correct the wrong decision quickly. You will be amazed at what you can achieve.”


“Always let the horse make the mistake. There are too many people trying to stop the horse from walking off or breaking into a trot. Let it. Let it make the mistake of trotting when it should be walking, then correct it quickly. You can’t correct a horse if it hasn’t done anything wrong can you? And if you don’t let it make the mistake how does it know what it was doing wrong?”


Whether you have a horse ready to be started, a horse with past issues, such as floating, going forward or even standing still, Jenna has the knowledge and skills to help you and your horse past these problems.


Jenna has recently started in Westen Pleasure Riding and competing.


Lessons are available for all ages, at excellent prices and rates.


If you have any questions or would like more information please contact Jenna.

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